‘I’m Proud To Have Been The First Female Security Senior At MIA’

I’m Naomi Ruggieri, a 27-year-old from Italy. Although I studied touristic development and customer experience back home, I kept on studying languages, particularly English and French, as I took on my first job at a make-up shop.

I left this job after some time because I wanted to join the police, but things didn’t work out, so I decided to move to a new country. I honestly didn’t know where Malta was until a family friend introduced me to the country and to Malta International Airport. I always thought that I would love to work in an airport and more so within the Security Department – this was a perfect match.

It’s been five years since I came to Malta and started working with G4S.  After just two months, I joined MIA’s Security Department and was promoted to the role of officer within my first year with the company. I’m proud to say that I was the first female security officer and the first senior security officer at MIA.

How would you define your job? How’s your typical day?

As a Security Performance Leader, my role is to organise training for our new recruits, supervise all security shifts and oversee our operations around the terminal. Let’s take a big ministerial delegation passing through our airport as an example. Together with my colleagues, we ensure that all security members are in place and that everything runs smoothly. We work continuously to improve our procedures and to do so we maintain constant communication with our seniors and officers.

Would you consider this as your proudest achievement so far?

As I said earlier, I was the first female security officer and the first female security senior at MIA. Today, we’re two female seniors and we also have two female officers within our department. Even though a career in security is normally associated with men, I’m proud that I opened the door so that other women would have the same opportunities as men in our department.

It means a lot to me that another country offered me something that my country did not. I’m incredibly passionate about my job, and I’m very grateful for everything that this company has done for me. MIA believed in me from the very first day, and I hope that this is just the beginning of my journey here.

Since we’re celebrating Women’s Day, is there a particular woman who inspires you? How would you define an inspiring woman?

I must choose my mum. She’s a fighter. Together we went through a lot of change and challenges. We changed home many times and even though she couldn’t study, she always managed to get good jobs and provided for me and my brothers. She gave us a future. For me, an inspiring woman is one that never gives up, just like my mum.

What was the most important piece of advice you’ve received?

Simple. To keep my feet on the ground but my head up high. I always keep this in mind.

Do you think that it still makes sense to celebrate Women’s Day?

We should appreciate and respect women, each day. The contribution that each woman can give to society is very important. To move forward, everyone’s contribution is important. It’s good that from time to time we remind ourselves of this.


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